In the News:

Liquor Ban:

In view of the recent judgment by The Honorable Supreme Court of India directing State Governments and Union Territories not to renew liquor licenses along national and state highways, alcohol will not be sold at any of the restaurants or hotels falling within 500 mts of any national and state highways across the country. After this judgment many hotels and restaurants have stopped serving liquor or making alternate arrangements for entry and exit from the hotel property to bypass this rule. This new act is still not clear and the implementation seems very vague at this early stage. Our file mangers are keeping a close eye on the impact of this ruling and shall keep you informed if any hotel used in the itinerary is not allowed to serve liquor because of this new rule. Kindly contact the EB File managers for more details. We shall update you once we receive further news on the same.

Luxury on the wheels:

Luxurious Train travel between Delhi & Amritsar is not a distant dream anymore: Anubhuti Express has added a compartment with modern features to provide higher travel comfort to passenger. This service Starts from 15 May 2017 and will be operated with 1 wagon on the current Shatabdi Express and soon it will be introduced on other Shatabdi Express routes.

Upgradation of Cochin Airport:

The New International Terminal (T3) at the Cochin International Airport is now open, with state-of-the-art security equipment, world-class commercial facilities such as snack bars, food courts, retail shops, viewers’ gallery, ATM counters, foreign exchange counters, business-class lounges, pharmacy, and medical inspection rooms.


The Calico Museum in Ahmedabad has decided to partly close the museum for renovations. The Textile Part with its three galleries will be closed for renovation from 01st September 2017 to 31st December 2017. Please contact us if you have any guest planned to visit Calico Museum during this period. Our team would be happy to suggest some alternates.


The Taj group has shared some of their upcoming plans for renovations at their respective hotels this summer. We shall keep you informed if any of the clients are affected by the same. But you can click the link to see the exact plan and completion dates.


Colombo airport now fully open (Sri Lanka):

Runway resurfacing work at Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo), has now been completed. Some flights have resumed their normal schedule but it may take a while for all airlines to resume their daytime flights. We would advise you to continue to check with airlines using Sri Lanka's airport. A new airport terminal is still on the cards and its due to be unveiled in 2020. We will keep you updated on any developments. But the existing airport is now fully open as normal.