Eastbound Special Experiences

Mumbai is about to host its first underwater festival

It’s looking like a merciless summer, but hope floats in the form of Mumbai’s first ‘underwater festival’. The two-day aqua-sports festival takes place on 6–7 May 2017 at a sports complex in Vile Parle. Non-swimmers can sign up for an introduction to scuba diving, while certified divers can test themselves with an underwater obstacle course in a 17ft-deep pool. Swimmers can compete in a round of underwater hockey. The Mumbai Underwater Festival will also have a session on diving for the disabled, helmed by two army veterans who lost their limbs on duty. Additionally, there are photography exhibitions, talks, film screenings and slack-rope performances.

Mumbai gets its first floating hotel

Soon you will be able to dine on the sea with a 360-degree view of the Arabian Sea. The state-of-the-art floatel has three restaurants and a banquet hall. It has a sky deck, two galleys, and will have two multi-cuisine restaurants including a club lounge equipped with a round-the-clock coffee shop.

Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Jodhpur RIFF takes place at a magical time of year (5th to 9th October, 2017), during the brightest full moon in north India. The festival is entirely outdoors with fantastic weather - wintry warmth in the afternoons and a pleasant chill in the evenings. The setting is stunning - a majestic and magnificent fort, a palace of yore, over 500 years old - overlooking the friendly and laid back city of Jodhpur All this encapsulating Rajasthani and international folk and roots music of the highest quality - from dawn to dusk; at midnight; during the day as well as in the evenings - all in a variety of stunning courtyards. Ranked among the top 25 music festivals in the world, Jodhpur RIFF is India's most significant roots music festival. A truly unmatched experience, unlike any other in the country.

Festival Camp at Mehrangarh (5th to 9th October, 2017)

A rare opportunity to stay within the ancient Mehrangarh fort & experience an exclusive camping with perfect comfort levels, accompanied by the royal treatment. Each custom made ‘shikar style’ luxury tent is exquisitely appointed with a bedroom, bathroom & a verandah, evoking the splendor of a bygone age. One could explore the marvelous treasures and splendidly rich culture, history & traditions of Marwar with the first-hand access to Jodhpur RIFF at Royal Tents- Mehrangarh Fort.

An empowered woman: Shruti Mannar
(Sommelier by profession)

A unique opportunity to meet with Shruti Mannar who has an extremely exciting job. Having tasted and experienced wines from various old world regions such as Spain, Italy, Germany and new world wines from California, Canadian, Chilean, Argentinian, Australian, New Zealand etc.... she is the master of wines.

She firmly believes that "people do not try new beverages as easily as new Cuisines" and that this is going to be a very exciting challenge to take on.