World Sacred Sufi Festival

13th to 15th February’17 (Nagaur)

17th to 19th February’17 (Jodhpur)


The Sufi festival at Nagaur has to be one of the most lovely festivals in the world; it’s small, it’s intimate- you get a chance to meet not only the people attending the festival, but also to sit down and chat with the artists, the food is amazing, the music is awesome and the Nagaur fort- lit up by over 5000 oil lamps, provides a magical setting. Plus of course you have Royalty! Mr. Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur is a charming person and he’s very accessible during the festival.


Sufism goes beyond religion. It’s a direct connect with the Creator in the quest for personal enlightenment and self realization, transcending churches, temples, mosques and their rituals. It finds expression in mystical poetry, music and dance. The World Sacred Spirit Festival in Rajasthan brings together amazing artists from across India and around the world in a stunning royal setting. This edition of the festival will once again be held at the massive Mehrangarh Fort perched above the city of Jodhpur. Days and nights of magical music, dance and poetry promise an unforgettable experience.