13th March’17 (All over India)

06th – 09th March’17 (Mathura)

People wait all year for this festival and throw big bashes and Holi parties, where a lot of people get together, groove to the music beats, drink bhang and drench in colours from head to toe. Apart from this modern day Holi celebration, we have places like Mathura, Barsana, Pushkar, etc, where you can still feel the essence of this festival, performed with all the rituals. People from all over the country come down to these places and celebrate this grand festival with an ethnic touch.

Best Place to be: Mathura, Jaipur, Chanaudgarh, Pushkar, Ajabgarh (Amanbagh Resort), Bhartpur, Devgarh (Devshree), Udaipur, Bhuj (Gujarat)