India Positive

Shah Rukh Khan, a world famous Bollywood actor offered himself as the ambassador for the national carrier of India:

Air India, the premier flight carrier of India is one of the most extensive flight service providers in India. The actor was so delighted with the service provided on board that he wanted to become the brand ambassador of our national carrier. The gracious service is a perfect model of efficiency and discretion, charming, yet never intrusive. The warm smiles, of course, are on the house.

Air India also prides itself on the inflight meals it serves its customers, Despite its unparalleled dietary range, there is something mystical and intrinsic about all Indian food: the reverence and thoughtfulness with which it is prepared. The exotic blend of herbs and spices, and the intricate preparatory methods, are all intended to let the aromas and flavors sink into the fare and your senses. Not only does the aromatic food look gorgeous, it fires your appetite until you and your taste buds succumb to temptation.

Air India lets you savor the very essence of India that has transcended boundaries to gain worldwide awe and recognition. Come, embark on an epic voyage and rediscover your inner self.