Cruises & Yachts

Eastbound proudly launched its all new Super Yachts & Cruises division in 2017, with the commitment to extend the EB signature touch to this unique service. EB Cruises offers a wide range of services across the Indian sub-continent, UAE, the Maldives and Seychelles. From port handling, shore excursions, marquee events to zodiac operations, Eastbound Cruises does it all.

The EB Cruises Advantage:

A new division backed by qualified, experienced professionals at every level of Cruise operations

Led by a well known name in the Cruise business, with experience of over 25 years

An On -Ground team of experienced, energetic members

Supported by EB offices at key port locations in India, UAE and Sri Lanka; Branch offices - Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bhutan, Nepal

Incomparable experiential Shore Excursions

Overland tours, Cultural and Wildlife extensions

Panel of Guest speakers, Personalities, Authors, Lecturers for Interactions or Private access

Special interest Tours and unique Gourmet experiences led by experts, connoisseurs

Charters of Luxury yachts, River boats

EB Cruises Services:

Complete support services for developing Itineraries for all vessels with respect to Port availability, Depth, Approaches, Distances, others

Expertise in coordinating Customs, Immigration, Port Health with the Captains of the vessel

Turnkey negotiations with Agency on Costs, Port charges, other related costs in every port of call

Handling & Recording of all Port Agent invoices

Work with quality Stevedores for supply of lube oil, fuel oil and fresh water in all ports

Arrange Pier reservations for future arrivals

Estimating Port Operation budgets for all ports

Shore excursions at various ports of call

Reconnaissance of new ports for future Itineraries, product and private access

Arrangement of Aircrafts, Jets and Helicopter permits